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Cabot Corp. and Centerpoint LLC Agree to Produce Translucent Nanogel(R)-Filled Roofing Systems to Bring Comfortable & Efficient Daylighting to New Home Interiors

BOSTON, May 10 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Cabot Corporation (NYSE: CBT) today announced a supply and marketing agreement with Centerpoint(TM) Translucent Systems, LLC, a manufacturer and distributor of residential roofing products. The agreement provides for the use of Nanogel(R) translucent aerogel in energy efficient daylighting roofing systems produced by Centerpoint. The Nanogel daylighting material that combines high light transmission with energy efficiency and sound insulation will be incorporated into polycarbonate panels made specifically for translucent roofing applications. The combined product-glazing panel provides more than five times the energy efficiency when compared with glass panels typically used in residential sloped glazing.

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Centerpoint's patent-pending roofing structure is uniquely engineered to allow penetration of natural, filtered daylight into home living areas without the energy loss and increased heating and cooling costs associated with traditional glass roof inserts. Currently three configurations of the system are on display in model homes offered by Centex Corporation and DR Horton in South Carolina, with plans underway to install them in homes throughout the southeast region.

"This alliance with Centerpoint opens new markets for Cabot's Nanogel by bringing daylighting options direct to home buyers in some of the nation's fastest growing residential markets," said Ravijit Paintal, vice president, general manager, Cabot Fumed Metal Oxides and Aerogel. "The resulting translucent roofing systems give home developers another high-end feature to differentiate their homes and communities in an increasingly competitive new construction landscape."

Nanogel, manufactured exclusively by Cabot through a patented process, is a lightweight, nanoporous insulation material that delivers unsurpassed thermal insulation and light transmission levels. Polycarbonate panels are impact resistant, energy-saving, multi-wall glazing sheets that provide nearly total resistance to the degrading effects of UV light. Centerpoint's combination of Nanogel with polycarbonate panels creates product benefits for Centerpoint customers including:

     -- Transmission of diffuse light to home interiors to eliminate shadows
        and glare
     -- High thermal insulation to reduce energy costs
     -- Sound dampening qualities to create quieter indoor environments
     -- Eye-catching architectural detail when viewed from the interior or
     -- Low-maintenance, long-life product constructed of mold, mildew and
        fungus resistant materials, resistant to UV degradation

"The warm, soft light through this roof has to be seen to be believed, even on an overcast day," said Kendall Sayers, president, Centerpoint. "As soon as potential homebuyers walk into houses with Centerpoint roofs, they are drawn to the cozy, relaxing environments they create. Buyers are further pleased to learn that the Nanogel insulation can actually save them money by reducing heating and cooling costs."

About Centerpoint(TM) Translucent Systems

Centerpoint(TM) Translucent Systems offers a broad range of translucent roofing options with three distinct series of roofing systems. Each series comes in a variety of sizes. From the more modest Series 300 roof designed for installation above a bay window, to the larger Series 500 roof for generous soft light in a kitchen, den or home office, Centerpoint has an energy-efficient, translucent roof to complement any home. More information and photos are available on the company's website at

About Nanogel(R)

Cabot Corporation created Nanogel, in part to insulate thermally inefficient glazing systems. The feather-light aerogel is based on Cabot's patented surface modification and fine-particle manufacturing technology. The nanoporous particles have an air content of 97%, making Nanogel the lightest solid material in the world. It provides a superior combination of thermal and sound insulation as well as light transmission and diffusion over other insulation materials. These benefits offer new design solutions for architects where both maximum natural daylight levels and energy efficiency are required. Nanogel is manufactured exclusively by Cabot in Frankfurt, Germany.

About Cabot Corporation

Cabot Corporation is a global specialty chemicals and materials company headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Cabot's major products are carbon black, fumed silica, inkjet colorants, capacitor materials, and cesium formate drilling fluids. The website address is:

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